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Update: The Status of Sun Liquor’s Gin

With packaging approved, the product should be for sale soon.

July 27, 2011

Where the magic happens: Sun Liquor Distillery and Lounge

Photo: Jessica Voelker

When Sun Liquor Distillery and Lounge opened last spring on East Pike Street, it had not yet finalized the recipe on the gin that it planned to sell under the Sun Liquor label.

Since then, however, it has. And, according to Erik Chapman, who manages both the new bar and the original Sun Liquor on Summit Avenue, the state has approved its bottle and label.

“They came out so cool,” says Chapman. (Both he and his boss, owner Michael Klebeck, are total design geeks.) With that tricky step completed, “we should be able to start bottling very soon,” says Chapman. Ultimately, Klebeck and Chapman hope to sell Sun Liquor’s gin in liquor stores around the country as well as at the East Pike Street HQ.

Tastings at the distillery will be heavily regulated, of course—the LCB has serious restrictions on how much you can sample, buy, etc, and a distillery/bar hybrid is a new animal for the regulating body. Should be interesting to watch how it all works out.

Chapman promises to share more details as they become available.

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