Fuji Bakery Plans for Third Storefront

The Bellevue and ID favorite wants customers to weigh in with possible spots.

By Christopher Werner July 25, 2011

All this (okay, some of this) can be yours as of Saturday. Photo courtesy

Operators of Fuji Bakery, the beloved Japanese pastry shop with branches in Bellevue and the ID, hope to open another storefront, likely in either Ballard or Wallingford. In addition to producing Fuji’s trademark sweets and savories, plans for this third storefront include a retail section and a cafe.

Last week the artisanal baker took to Twitter to announce the news, at the same time asking customers to send suggestions for possible locations in the above neighborhoods. Owner Akihiro Nakamura says he has been scouting spots for the past three months to no avail—Ballard is “so expensive,” he laments—so his hope is fans can help reverse that trend.

And the time frame? There isn’t one. Nakamura has no set agenda in mind, offering that the opening, wherever it may be, won’t happen “for a while.”

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