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Eltana’s Late-Night Window Is Now Open

Midnight munchies? The Capitol Hill bagel shop has you covered. Covered in fava bean mint dip. Or fig-apricot compote. Or almond butter. Or caramelized onion hummus. Or…you get the picture.

By Jessica Voelker July 26, 2011

Eat these at 2am if you want. Eltana’s late-night window is open.

Photo: Eltana via Facebook.

Capitol Hill smells like pot. That’s because a lot of people smoke marijuana there. And I can’t imagine these marijuana smokers—not to mention their boozy friends who attack the Pike/Pine bars every weekend—are going to be unhappy about the latest late-night face-stuffing opportunity to open up in the hood. (See a list of other such opportunities here.)

This one is brought to us by Eltana, the place with the wicked tasty, super-skinny bagels and the giant crossword puzzle on the wall.

The late-night window, which debuted last weekend during the Capitol Hill Block Party, will be open Thursday through Saturday from 10pm to 2:30am. The menu is composed of bagels, dips, and spreads. The bagels (plain, poppy, everything, sesame, salt) are a buck each. The fixings come in four-ounce servings and cost between $2 and $4. Choose from four kinds of cream cheese, a fig-apricot compote, almond butter, caramelized onion hummus, and these dips: red pepper and walnut, fava bean mint, and eggplant pomegranate.

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