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More Seattle-on-TV News: Bizarre Foods to Feature Seattle Coffee Works

The Travel Channel show hits town this Friday.

July 26, 2011

The one on the left is coming to town on Friday.

Update 2: Very cool bit of info from Hanna Raskin on Voracious: Apparently it was James Ross Gardner’s Seattle Met profile of Simsch that convinced Bizarre Foods to hit up the coffee shop.

Update: Oops! Missed this. Jay Friedman has more details on the visit on The Sunbreak (via Eater).

Travel Channel personality Andrew Zimmern and Sebastian Simsch: together at last.

The Bizarre Foods host will be in Seattle this Friday, July 29 to talk to Simsch, owner of Seattle Coffee Works, about the Columbia Cup of Excellence, a $100-per-pound coffee. Seattle Coffee Works is the only Seattle retailer to offer this highly coveted java, according to a company press release.

If 100 bones doesn’t strike you as all that bizarre an amount to pay for really good coffee, it’s possible you’ve been in Seattle too long.

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