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Meet the New Guy Behind the Bar at Zig Zag Cafe

Or maybe you already know him?

June 15, 2011

Zig Zag’s newest ’tender: Ricardo Hoffman

Photo: Christopher Collins (via Facebook)

Fans of Sun Liquor (the original Summit Ave Sun Liquor, not the new one) already know Ricardo Hoffman, who bartended there for a year and a half before moving into the job that became available when Murray Stenson left Zig Zag. Before Sun, Hoffman worked at the Capitol Hill branch of Barrio.

Hoffman says Sun Liquor and Zig Zag have always been two of his favorite bars, and he felt pretty honored to be working at the former. “It was a hard job to leave,” he says. But when the opportunity arose to work at Zig Zag, he couldn’t turn it down.

And since starting his new gig, where he’s working the service well, he has noticed two advantages to employment at Seattle’s most famous bar: 1. You have help. If there’s a line out the door on a Saturday night, there are four or five coworkers there to keep you out of the weeds. 2. People come for the drinks. If you’ve been to Sun Liquor on a Saturday night, you know what Hoffman means by that. The bar may be all about craft cocktails; the Capitol Hill weekend crowd doesn’t necessarily know that. Or want that.

But while Zig Zag’s crowd may be more in the know, they don’t know everything. “Everyone stills asks for Murray,” says Hoffman.

Ricardo Hoffman is currently on vacation returning late this week. His shifts at Zig Zag have yet to be set but he expects to be there Wednesday through Sunday.

PS: Credit where it’s due. I learned of the Hoffman hire from the Seattle Times’ Tan Vinh.

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