Final* (I Hope) Update on Murray Stenson’s Employment Status

Here’s the reason he’s not tending bar at RN74…at least for now.

June 10, 2011

The bar at RN74 Seattle

All right, this whole story has definitely veered into leave-the-guy-alone territory, and after this post I hope to do just that.

However, I know Murray Stenson is a beloved person and I know that people have been worried about him following the news that he was going to take some time off from bartending, and no longer planned to be behind the bar at RN74 next week when the restaurant opens.

The break turns out to be due to a shoulder injury, Stenson told me in an email this morning. He will need several months off to recuperate. “It’ll give me time to catch up with the Golden Girls reruns,” he wrote.

Not much drama there, folks.

In sorta related news, Tan Vinh reported on Twitter this week that Zig Zag has hired Ricardo Hoffman from Sun Liquor. Going to follow up on that news right now.

*By final I mean final for now, of course.

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