Outdoor Drinking Guide

Outdoor Drinking Guide: More Mead!

The sun’s out, let’s get into some honey wine.

April 8, 2011

Here I went for a Corona, but what the situation really called for was mead.

Just saw this on Fresh-Picked Seattle (an excellently maintained resource for local food and drink events, by the way): 99 Bottles, a store in Federal Way, is having a mead tasting with the meadmaker from Adytum Cellars in Woodinville. So if you happen to be out that way Saturday, April 9 between 4 and 6pm, you should stop in and see how you like it.

Because I was thinking, we don’t talk about—or drink—mead nearly enough. At least those of us who don’t dress up like Friar Tuck on weekends and dance around May poles with like-minded folk. Ren fair people are probably drinking plenty of mead, come to think of it.

Maybe this lack of mead consumption among the rest of us stems from the fact that honey wine doesn’t sound like it would taste all that good. Thing is, some honey wine really does. Last year I traveled to Sultan where I got very lost but eventually found Sky River meadery. There I had a chance to taste the three types of mead that the meadmaker—her name is Denice Ingalls—makes. They struck me as the most perfect picnic wines—easy-drinking, food-friendly, subtle. Not at all cloying. You can buy Sky River mead at Madison Market.

Happy weekend.

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