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Trending: Bread and Pastries

Carb-free? Not around these parts. Local bakeries say Seattleites are buying up baguettes like crazy.

By Tiffany Ran April 12, 2011

Whatever, Hollywood. Seattle still loves bread.

In the Trending series, Nosh Pit talks to local food providers, shop owners, chefs, servers—whoever’s appropriate, really—about those consumables Seattle can’t get enough of right now. This week: bread and pastries.

1. At Columbia City Bakery, breakfast staples like the cardamom coffee cake sell out quickly in the mornings while grab-and-go sandwiches are grabbed and gone by the afternoon.

Operations manager Andrew Cleary has noticed his customers returning to old favorites that were less popular in recent years. “Bread in general is way up this year, and there is a return to classics like baguettes.”

2. Macrina Bakery’s seasonal raspberry rhubarb tartlets are a big seller in spring. Like Columbia City, Macrina is selling a lot of baguettes these days too, said wholesale manager Rebecca Early.

Local restaurants, meanwhile, have been stocking up on the bakery’s olive bread, mixing it in with wheat and white breads to lend a little diversity to their baskets.

3. At gluten-free bakery Flying Apron, customers tend to gravitate towards heartier, rustic breads like the buckwheat seed bread.

“I’ve noticed that our customers prefer [pastries] to be less sweet, so we tend to add less sugar,” said general manager Benjamin Lesperance. Pecan cinnamon rolls are the bakery’s most popular sweet sell.

4. Fruit tarts, eclairs, and lemon and peanut bars are choice grab-and-go desserts at Hoffman’s in Kirkland, according to manager and part-owner Eugenia Velez. But the classic Princess Torte, a sponge cake paired with Bavarian cream, raspberry jam, and marzipan remains Seattle’s signature special occasion cake.

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