Spinasse’s tajarin: people love it.

There’s lots of love for Spinasse, the Capitol Hill Piedmontese pasta house: Seattle Met’s in-house critic loves the place. Bon Appétit loves the place. Even David Beckham loves the place. So it’s rather obvi a roundup titled 101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes should embrace Spinasse and its tajarin.

Less obvious—but still deserving of a mention—are Spur and Tavolàta. The two Belltown restaurants also landed themselves on the list, the former for its tagliatelle with slow-cooked duck egg and Tavolà:ta thanks to lamb brain agnolotti.

To pin the best pasta plates out there, editors of the NYC-based Grub Street “scoured the country—the whole country,” then consulted with food types (chefs, Ruth Reichl, et al). The Seattle mentions start at #99 (you’re welcome, I already did all the clicking for you. And no, it’s not a ranked roundup), and includes quotes from erstwhile Seattle Weekly critic Jonathan Kauffman and Providence Cicero of the Seattle Times.

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