Keeping an Eye on Volunteer Park Cafe’s Mac-n-Cheese Sauce

Here’s your homegrown novelty condiment for 2011.

By Christopher Werner March 23, 2011

Photo courtesy Volunteer Park Cafe.

We’re calling it now: When the ladies of Volunteer Park Cafe let fly their Mac Daddy Sauce, it’ll really, well, fly.

Consider VPC’s predecessors, other restaurants to recently bottle and merch coveted condiments—people hoard the stuff. You can’t bat a lash without seeing Boat Street Cafe’s pickled preserves lining some shelves somewhere. Skillet’s bacon jam has fans the country over blogging about it. And besides, the VPC sauce is made with enough cow’s milk to shave a few from the ticker—when have you known fontina, parmesan, Tillamook white cheddar, gruyere, and Mount Townsend Camp Fire, combined, not to be good.

Right now the mac-n-cheese sauce (recent subject of T magazine crushing) is available for purchase at the Capitol Hill cafe. An eight ounce helping costs $15. Taking production up a notch so the product is retailed elsewhere is likely. Talks of not only selling here in Seattle but out of state, too, are in effect, we hear.

On a recent visit to the restaurant, just one jar was chilling by its lonesome in the fridge—a sign of things to come, people.

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