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The Molly Moon’s Cookbook: Look For It In Spring of 2012

Seattle’s ice cream queen partners with Sasquatch.

By Christopher Werner March 11, 2011

Molly Moon Neitzel will release a cookbook under Sasquatch Books. Photo courtesy Chase Jarvis.

You’ll have to wait til next week to learn where Molly Moon’s #3 will open (as well as an additional "micro-shop," I hear), but in the meantime here’s another MM’s morsel.

Molly Moon Neitzel has inked a deal with local publishing house Sasquatch Books to author a cookbook slated for spring of 2012. Currently the title is Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Cook Book. Said purveyor is collaborating with the company’s pastry chef, Christina Spittler, to pen the 65-recipe manual, which will highlight the shop’s most popular flavors and seasonal offerings.

Expect lots of photos alongside "little stories from Molly about making the flavors," says flack Jennifer Carroll, and "life stories from around Seattle" that have proved formative to Neitzel’s business. When Sasquatch approached Neitzel about the cookbook, she jumped at the opportunity, adds Carroll. "So many people want to share our ice cream with people outside of Seattle, and now they can send them the book." And, she points out, customers will have the how-tos to churn "more interesting flavors" at home.

That said, no more whining when having to wait in line for your balsamic strawberry fix.

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