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First Impressions of a New Seattle Cocktail App

Seattle Cocktail Culture is inexpensive and nicely designed. I say buy it.

March 11, 2011

Seattle Cocktail Culture: a new app for exploring the local drinks scene.

Lupec Seattle founder Wendy Miller has been working for some time to create her cocktail app Seattle Cocktail Culture, but it’s finally available on iTunes—I’ve just downloaded it on my iPad. (My iPad 1, that is, which as of today might as well be a Commodore 64. Thanks Apple!)

Here are some first impressions.

You can browse bars alphabetically (also by distance, cost, and neighborhood), info includes a thoughtful description, happy hour information, an insider tip, and the average price of a cocktail.

Alternatively, there is a map that finds you via GPS and shows you cocktail bars nearby. If you’re an inveterate Seattle imbiber you may already store that information in what’s left of your memory, but for newbies looking to conquer the cocktail scene this is a great tool. Also, I hope Miller expands her app empire because I’d love to have a similar tool when visiting other cities.

Another useful feature: filters with names like Free Wi-Fi, Cocktail Masters, Happy Hours, etc. Even if you spend every evening stumbling around Seattle bars, these lists are a great service. Who knew Cicchetti had free Wi-Fi, for instance? I did not.

So while I wouldn’t delete the all-holy Cocktail Compass yet, there’s a lot to recommend the new app, and the $1.99 price tag makes it something of a no-brainer.

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