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Jamie Boudreau Back Behind the Bar

Miss him? Well now you can get your Boudreau drinks once more. Here’s where and when.

March 9, 2011

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Jamie Boudreau, now torching cocktails at Rob Roy on Sundays and Mondays.

A couple weeks back, Jamie Boudreau reappeared behind the bar at Rob Roy after a lengthy hiatus.

The last time you saw him mixing drinks in Seattle may have been at Knee High Stocking Club. Since leaving that bar he has been focusing on his job with St-Germain, traveling for the elderflower liqueur company as a brand rep. Also, he says, he’s been meeting with potential investors about the Seattle bar he hopes to open down the road.

“It great being behind the stick again,” said Boudreau, adding that he’s already started to lose weight gained since he stopped shaking and stirring for a living. “I forgot how much work it is! My first few shifts were a little rocky as I became acclimated to the bar and had to rack my brain to remember recipes, but I’m getting a bit more comfortable now.”

He also offered the Rob Roy some love. “Rob Roy is one of only a handful of bars in the city where I’d be able to do the quality of cocktail that I would be proud of. I also love the fact that they are doing a quality program while still keeping a neighborhood feel, something that I’d strive to do at my own bar.”

In other news, Zane Harris no longer works at Rob Roy.

Go see Boudreau at the Double R (that’s what none of the cool kids call it) on Sunday and Monday evenings starting March 20—he’s off next week for Tales of the Cocktail Vancouver. Hey, speaking of Tales Vancouver, I’ll be there too, posting and Tweeting at least semi-coherently. I hope.

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