Breaking Down Seattle’s New Burger Joints

Can’t tell one shack from another? Check out this handy guide.

By Christopher Werner March 24, 2011

BuiltBurger, Uneeda Burger, Bent Burger…There’s a lot of new burger joints in Seattle.

As you Nosh nerds have no doubt noticed, Seattle is undergoing something of a burger surge (yes, still), Blue Moon’s open on Broadway being the latest in beefy news.

There’s a lot to keep straight—one place may serve $6 patties, another $13 ones; this shack does Wagyu grass-fed beef, that shack melts on American; yam fries to the left, waffle fries to the right. It’s almost a riddle, this burger boom.

But no need to have a cow. In order to make sense of it all, our consummate carnivore Kathryn Robinson assembled a handy guide to this latest crop. Said guide breaks down five places by price, specialty, atmosphere, etc., and suggests what to order (or avoid). For the vegheads there’s a bit about meat-free options. But enough already, check out the Seattle burger guide for yourself.

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