This is a polar bear.

Photo courtesy Bio Quick News

Much like the mighty polar bear (Ursus maritimus), Seattle bartenders are nomadic creatures, moving from bar to bar faster than you can say: “Something from the Savoy book, please.”

That being the case, I’ve compiled this where-are-they-now list of bartenders that have been featured in the Five Questions series. If you’ve lost track of favorite drinkslingers, perhaps this will help you rediscover them at their current places of employ. Cheers.

Sidonie Rodman has joined the staff of Golden Beetle. Marley Tomic-Beard will be behind the bar there too.

Mike McSorley has left Naga (Evan Martin manages now) to make drinks at Tini Bigs, the bar where Jamie Boudreau worked when I interviewed him for the first-ever Five Questions interview. Boudreau is a brand ambassador for St Germain, has a line of bitters, and is currently seeking investors to help him open his own bar.

San Francisco-based Neyah White, whom I interviewed in advance of his visit to Seattle for Drinking Lessons, has since left SF’s Nopa and is a brand ambassador for Suntory Whiskey.

Vessel has closed and its bar manager Jim Romdall is working to open a new place—I’m bugging him regularly for updates, will keep you posted.

Kristen Finstad has been promoted to bar manager at the Hideout, she no longer works at Cicchetti.

While still inspiring swoons with his improvised concoctions at Sambar, Jay Kuehner is also making amari-focused drinks at his buddy Matt Dillon’s Melrose Market drinkery, Bar Ferd’nand.

Miles Thomas has left Tavern Law but continues to get a lot of shine for his Scrappy’s Bitters, and now also works with Kristen Findstad at the Hideout.

Bartender Keith Waldbauer has left Barrio and co-owns Liberty on Capitol Hill. He also works as a consultant for Kathy Casey Food Studios and The Liquid Kitchen.

When David Nelson answered five questions, he was working at Spur. He then opened Tavern Law with owners Dana Tough and Brian McCracken, bailed that, worked at Still Liquor for a stint, and finally settled at Il Bistro, where he is now managing the bar with winning results. It takes all of my willpower not to go there for a cocktail after work every damn day.

Andrew Bohrer left Naga to open the bar at fancy Mistralkitchen, where he remains.

Miss Anna Wallace, whom we met at Oddfellows on Capitol Hill, has taken her talents to The Walrus and the Carpenter. You must try those juicy, refreshing drinks.

Ethan Stowell’s former business partner, and once a frequent face behind the bar at Tavolata, Patric Gabre-Kidan opened the much-lauded Book Bindery with Michael and Sumi Almquist.

And that, my fine cocktail-loving friends, is that. If I didn’t mention a bartender it’s because—as far as I know—he or she has stayed put. Please let me know if you know better.