The newly christened Marie & Freres in South Lake Union. Photo courtesy the shop.

Did you guys freak, too, when you learned of the new signage at 2122 Westlake Avenue? Because my brain ran crazy with thoughts like: Are Claudio Corallo chocolates gone from Seattle? Can I still get MistralKitchen’s mind-blowing macaroons? What about Gengibre bars? Turns out, the answers are: No, yes, and probably.

The truly pleasant owner, Marie-Françoise Barnhart, tells me that the wee store on Westlake we know as Claudio Corallo is in the process of expanding its offerings. This means it will stock additional artisanal producers, not just those of the eponymous chocolatier, hence the new name (a reference to Barnhart and her two brothers).

Which cacao purveyors those might be, Barnhart couldn’t say—the list is yet to be finalized, she’s traveling to Europe next month to test some possibilities. Barnhart could confirm that the delectable brownies and macaroons made by the pastry whizzes at MistralKitchen will still line the storefront.

Why the change? Barnhart points out that Corallo edibles (maybe the world’s most singular chocolate, and that’s not hyperbole) are imported from fairly remote areas of the planet, so stocking isn’t always easy. “It’s a little bit difficult to have a steady supply,” she said, telling me of sugar shortages and elections that have held up supplies in the past.

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