Seattle’s Best Soups?

We’re in the thick of soup season, and we all want to know where the good ones are.

By Jessica Voelker January 14, 2011

Korean soft-tofu soup, a current obsession.

Is everyone else as obsessed with soup as I am these days?

I’ve written about some of my favorite Downtown Seattle soups here before—though lately I’ve been digging into a lot of pho as well as sundubu—Korean soft-tofu stew. We keep pimping this recipe for French onion soup at now-defunct Artisanal, because it’s ultra-wonderful.

Other places that have fantastic French onion soup: Place Pigalle, Toulouse Petit, and Le Pichet.

But thanks to a bunch of Seattle soup suggestions posted on The Stranger’s Questionland site, I have some new places to check out. I’ve never ordered soup at Joule, for instance, or Sambar.

While we’re at it, might I suggest, once more, the sopa azteca at El Mestizo? So darn delicious.

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