Welcome to Seattle, DJ Pauly D, Here’s Where You Should Drink

A going-out tip for the Jersey Shore’s affable disc jockey.

January 27, 2011

In this new Sauced series, we offer going-out tips to a celebrity passing through town. This week: DJ Pauly D of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The occasion Tonight, Thursday, Jan 27, 2011, Pauly D will demonstrate his well-established DJ skills for a sold-out audience at The Showbox.

The celebrity Every ensemble cast must have a uniter, a peacemaker, the guy who is friend to all. In the Jersey Shore house, this role goes to Pauly, the most easy-going among the famously feud-prone guido/guidette crew.

Likes: GTL, girls that are DTF, and fist-pumping.

Dislikes: Grenades, shady chicks (cough, cough Angelina), and Sammy/Ronnie drama.

The suggestion My first thought was to name a couple of Belltown clubs or one Drakkar Noir-smelling bar in Bellevue where I know that a lot of popped-collared people consume a lot of Grey Goose, but that seems too obvious. Instead, let’s send Pauly D to Vito’s on First Hill.

The explanation If you’re unfamiliar with Jersey Shore, you might not realize that the cast has a exceptionally well-articulated relationship with their ethnicity, which is Italian-American. They refer to themselves as "guidos" and "guidettes," reclaiming an ethnic slur that, along the northern half of the east coast, is often levied against highly tanned individuals of Italian origin who are partial to clothing from Ed Hardy. The cast of Jersey Shore is part of a movement aimed at taking back the guido stereotype and wearing it with pride. They are not ashamed, either, of the abnormally close relationships they have with their mothers. Similarly, the owners of the new iteration of Vito’s have chosen to embrace an Italian-American lounge belonging to a bygone era. What many saw as outdated, even a little embarrassing, they saw as an important part of our city’s history, and something to be celebrated. And I think Pauly would like it there.

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