Chris Young wants to convert chefs to the cause of good coffee.

Eater asked Seattle’s own Chris Young, the co-author (with Nathan Myhrvold) of forthcoming science-cuisine tome Modernist Cuisine, why restaurants always have such bad coffee.

His answer: "It’s not at all uncommon that you have the newest waiter comes in, he’s back on the pass, he helps with the coffee, he does all that kind of stuff. He gets some amount of training but not necessarily by someone who’s really an expert in coffee, and then if he’s any good at all, in three weeks they’re promoted and you have somebody new doing the coffee."

Young told Eater that Modernist Cuisine’s chapter on coffee is aimed at showing chefs just how good there java offerings could be if only they’d pay proper attention.

Learn lots more about Chris Young and what to expect from Modernist Cuisine here.

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