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Keg Wine For Bellevue

Black Bottle Postern will offer wine on tap.

December 22, 2010

Keg wine hits the Eastside in mid-February.

UPDATE: Just learned today that El Gaucho Portland is going to employ a bio-cask system from Willamette Valley Vineyards. They’re hoping to bring something similar to Seattle, according to a spokesperson.

Yesterday I wrote that Black Bottle Gastrotavern’s Bellevue outpost, Black Bottle Postern, will be opening in Mid-February.

And here’s the related booze news: The restaurant will be serving wine on tap. Now I can’t be 100% sure of this—and I know you’ll correct me if I’m wrong—but I believe it will be the first Bellevue establishment to serve keg wine.

Why do we care? Wines on tap are a great value because the producers and manufacturers cut out all the costs associated with glass bottles and corks and the transport of many fragile vessels. Waste is reduced since the keg wine lasts a long time, which means savings for the bar. And that, in turn, means savings for you and me.

In Seattle, the Local Vine on Capitol Hill and Bottlehouse in Madrona serve keg wines. Seatown Seabar has three wines on tap outfitted with a nitrogen replacement system to keep them fresh. Black Bottle GM Chris Linker says that if tap wines work out in Bellevue, he’ll likely bring them to the original Belltown location too.

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