The Nosh Pit Edible Gift Guide 2010

Edible Gift Guide Idea #6: Marimekko Nanuk Mug

An affordable gift that kids can grow into.

By Jessica Voelker December 3, 2010

The Nanuk mug is $22 at Tuuli.

Category: Affordable ($16-$29)
Best for: Nieces and nephews and the like

I always thought I would love shopping for kids because their clothes are just so small and cute. But as it turns out it kind of bugs me to give them things that they are going to grow out of before they finish unwrapping the present.

So I’ve had my eye out for more lasting stuff like this Marimekko Nanuk mug, made in Finland and sold at Tuuli in Pike Place Market for $22.

This has all the markings of a “special mug” for hot cocoa on snow days and for chicken soup on sick ones. I like that.

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