The #3 New Dish of 2010: Hamachi Crudo at the Book Bindery

So many dishes to celebrate at this Fremont bar-raiser, but this one is certainly the most beautiful.

By Jessica Voelker December 29, 2010

Hamachi crudo at the Book Bindery.

We’re counting down the top 10 new dishes of the year.

First, nobody was talking about it. (Not to brag, but it was this very blog that first broke news of it).

Then, suddenly, everyone was.

But without question, The Book Bindery has been the most important restaurant opening of the year.

Among Per Se alum Chef Shaun McCrain’s highly lauded dishes: cavatelli pasta with foie gras emulsion, a composed salad of warm apples and pork belly, glazed Cattail Creek lamb shank with artichoke hearts, slow-roasted tomato, lamb jus, and chickpea “croutons.”

But behold, if you will, this hamachi crudo with avocado marble, pickled pearl onions, chili crisps, breakfast radish, and dashi gelée.

The farm-to-table simplicity that Seattle is famous for is wonderful, but this, oh, this! This is art.

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