Canlis Clue Review Part I!

From under the bridge to the minor leagues: Let’s have a look at the first 10 clues.

By Hilary Meyerson November 30, 2010


Seattle is more than a little fascinated by the whole Canlis clues game, the best thing to happen to Twitter since…ever.

If you aren’t familiar with the backstory of how scores of Seattleites ended up scouring the city for hidden menus, learn all about it here. But in a nutshell: the Canlis brothers, who run the fine-dining mainstay, have been sending out clues via Twitter and Facebook. The clues lead to hidden copies of the restaurant’s 1950 menu. Find the menu, dine at 1950s prices.

Starting with this slideshow, Nosh Pit will be reviewing the clues as they come, taking a look at what’s been solved and the stories behind the searches. Be sure to study up before the brothers Canlis post the next puzzle, and happy hunting.

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