Vessel Turns Four, Throws a Party

Bartending alums return to the downtown lounge this Monday to make you drinks.

October 19, 2010

Vessel bartending alums reconvene at the downtown lounge this Monday.

Vessel is only four years old, but its significance to recent Seattle cocktail history cannot be overstated.

Vessel lured Jamie Boudreau down from Canada—he soon became our city’s most recognized bartender, not counting Murray. (We may not always appreciate, here in town, how famous Boudreau is. I’ve seen his name and recipes on cocktail blogs from all over the country, but I think I really got it when I was at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and two young bartenders spotted him walking by. “Is that Jamie Boudreau?” one whispered, awestruck. And then they, like, gawked at him. It was pretty ridiculous, but also impressive.)

Other Vessel alums include Zane Harris and Anu Apte, who moved on to open Rob Roy in Belltown, giving cocktails lovers a new spot to sip good drinks. Andrew Bohrer, who makes much written-about drinks at Mistralkitchen, brought the Japanese ice-carving techniques he learned in Japan to Vessel before moving to Naga Lounge in Bellevue and putting that bar on the crafty concoctions map. Keith Waldbauer, who now co-owns Liberty Bar on Capitol Hill, also did time at the downtown lounge.

On Monday, October 25, all of these bartenders will reunite at Vessel with manager Jim Romdall to mix drinks in celebration of the lounge’s fourth anniversary. And you are invited.

The party begins at 6pm.

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