A Cocktail Drinker’s Nondrinking Event: United States of Americana Reading

A new book does a fine job explaining the fundamentals of the cocktail revival. Meet the author tonight at Elliott Bay Books.

October 1, 2010

Try apple brandy, writes Kurt B. Reighley, “unaccompanied after a good meal, or mixed with grenadine and citrus in a Jack Rose.”

Unencumbered with plans this fine Friday evening?

Our style editor recommends you go check out a reading at Elliott Bay Books, and I second that recommendation. The author is Kurt B. Reighley, a local fellow, and the book is United States of Americana. There are a whole 20 pages dedicated the craft cocktail revival and—take it from someone who reads a lot of these such things—it’s an excellent general guide for anyone who wants to become cocktailverscent. Reighley interviews local types like David Nelson and Robert Hess of the Drinkboy blog, as well as author A.J. Rathbun. There’s even a page dedicated to apple brandy. "An ideal choice for those autumn months when it’s too chilly for gin or vodka but not quite bourbon season yet."

Hell, you can always have a cocktail afterward. Or before. Or both. The reading starts at 7pm.

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