Here’s What’s Up with Happy Hour at Seatown

A snack deal and a $20 takeaway dinner at Tom Douglas’s new Pike Place Market spot.

October 15, 2010

Seatown Snack Bar

I just wanted to let you know about the happy hour at Tom Douglas’s newest place, Seatown Snack Sea Bar and Rotisserie. This is important information on a day like today—if the weather holds, you’ll want to be commandeering one of the Snack Bar’s outdoor tables.

From 3 to 6pm, Monday through Friday, Seatown Snack Bar—which specializes in seafood and rotisserie meats—has a “snack happy hour.” There are two “snackwiches,” you pay $1 for every inch of ’wich. One is a salami cold-cut sandwich, the other is roasted turkey with smashed avocado and peppers.

Three kinds of wings—two per order—are $3. They come in jerk, BBQ, and Tokyo flavors. Seattle Maritime Lager is $3 a pint. A Spire cider will run you $4, and there are red (sangiovese) and white (roussanne) wines by the glass; they are $5.

If this glorious sunshine turns to rain, you can opt instead for the takeout happy hour deal at Seatown Snack Bar To Go. From 5 to 7pm on weekdays an entire rotisserie chicken, plus two large sides, is $20.

It’s Tom Douglas’s world, you know. We’re just living in it.

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