Cormac Mahoney: Next Stop Outer Space

An update on forthcoming restaurant the Madison Park Conservatory.

By Christopher Werner October 8, 2010

Give our regards to the little green dudes.

Earlier in the week I got in touch with Cormac Mahoney, curious to know how things are coming along at Madison Park Conservatory. Mahoney, a Sitka and Spruce alum and one of the guys behind much-loved, bygone Taco Truck, is opening said restaurant near Lake Washington where Sostanza Trattoria used to be.

Here’s what he had to say: “We are plugging along between trips to Venus and Mars—have you tried Martian caviar? Holy shit.”

Can’t say I have, Cormac. Will it be on the menu?

Look for the Conservatory to open its doors by early December.

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