Behold, the Beer Giraffe

Fonte breaks out the tableside taps.

September 8, 2010

Ceci n’est pas un bong.

The picture you see here is a beer giraffe, and it’s the latest offering from the ever-evolving Fonte Cafe and Wine Bar.

Oh, Fonte. Is there any more confounding restaurant? Despite many, many changes to the menu and staff over Fonte’s short life, three things have generally been consistent: The wine and beer list (originally created by Tysan Dutta, who has since moved on) has always been awesome, the food is simple but cleverly conceived and generally a great value, and the service is, about ninety percent of the time, either exceedingly awkward or downright negligent.

But who cares about being ignored for 45 minutes if you have 96 ounces of cold beer on your table? The modern beer giraffe is a tap with a plastic receptacle on top that keeps your Kolsh or your Sierra Nevada perfectly chilled. Order one of these bad boys at Fonte and it will set you back $32.50, which means you get six pints for the price of five. Pace yourself, you could be there awhile.

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