Bingo begins every Monday at 8pm at Calamity Jane’s.

Monday nights at the neighborhood bar are some of the best ones. On weekends all the bartenders are in a bad mood because people are forgetting to tip them and throwing toilet paper around the bathroom. Conversations tend towards the loud and the disproportionately passionate, and there is always a smoky cluster around the entrance.

It’s okay if that’s what you’re into, but it’s not terribly relaxing.

Early week, however, is when a neighborhood bar wipes its brow and smiles. Industry folks pop by for a few drinks on their nights off; neighborhood regulars check in to make sure the weekend warriors haven’t done any permanent damage. You can sink in with a beer and really soak up what a bar has to offer.

But it can take a little coaxing to get your fellow officey friends to come with you on a Monday. They’ve likely spent the weekend having disproportionately passionate conversations and now they’ve made all sorts of resolutions about the week to come. How to break them down?

Maybe bingo? I don’t know. But it’s worth a shot. They’ve got it at Calamity Jane’s in Georgetown every Monday from 8 to 10pm. Sometimes there is a theme. “You know,” said the employee with whom I spoke about bingo night, “themes like lesbian, hula, pirate.”

Past prizes have included Georgetown Brewing t-shirts, sex toys, and “whatever we can scrounge up,” per the aforementioned employee. He said about 20 to 40 people usually come.

Oh and if the bingo doesn’t tempt your buddies, go with all-you-can-eat spaghetti. It’s $8.18 from 6pm onwards, meatballs are $1.14 each.

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