World Cup Watch: Soccer Viewing Around Seattle

A lot of sports bars will air the soccer, here’s your guide to the good spots.

June 9, 2010

Oy, who need a tinny? Screen your soccer matches with the rowdies of Oz at the Kangaroo and Kiwi.

Look, the World Cup comes just once every four years. I don’t want you watching it at the wrong place. Exhaustive list of Seattle sports bars abound, this is not one of those. The pubs I’ve included here aren’t perfect, but they offer camaraderie, ample grub (ranging from respectable to downright tasty), and plenty of beer to go with the game.

Matches begin June 11. Hope you enjoy.

The George and Dragon in Fremont is the classic Seattle soccer fan’s bar, but you might also want to check out the newer, posher pub from the owner of the G and D, the Market Arms. The Ballard bar has been tricked out with skinny televisions, shiny brass accents, and, most importantly, squeaky-clean beer taps.

If you live up North near Bitter Lake, consider All Nations Soccer Bar and Restaurant just off Aurora. Not only is All Nations serious about its soccer, it also employs bartenders who know cocktails. Watching a morning match with a properly made Presbyterian? Don’t mind if you do.

Near Greenlake, down undah bar the Kangaroo and Kiwi is also all set to air the series. (Conveniently, you can see the full WC schedule on its website.) This is your place for cheap drinks and beer specials: every Tuesday there are $2 brews from 7pm to close. If you go to the K and K, I strongly encourage you to make “that’s not a knife” and “put another shrimp on the barbie” jokes. If you receive eyerolls, ignore them. Because seriously, this place has it coming.*

Moving on.

I’ve already mentioned the Skillet-at-Moe-bar scenario for enjoying the USA/England face-off this Saturday, June 12, but if Bottleneck Lounge is more your style, head there as early as 10:30am for intimate neighborhood futball viewing. Show up in a soccer jersey and receive $3.50 beers. In other exciting news from the Bottleneck, it’s started stocking soft pretzels from Columbia City Bakery. Those are delicious.

Further down the road in Madison Park, the Attic Alehouse and Eatery has plenty of TVs, stoney young men serving food, and a dankness that makes you wonder if this whole neighborhood is sinking into Lake Washington. Shades of Venice, only with tuna melts and chili fries. Highly, highly recommended.

*Speaking in fake Australian accents at an Australian-themed pub is perfectly acceptable, however I must encourage you, under all circumstances, to refrain from imitating a British accent in public. I say this because I care: it’s not flattering.

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