Breakfast = Beaucoup Bucks

A research firm finds morning meals keep restaurants afloat.

By Christopher Werner June 22, 2010

Remember a couple weeks back when I was boggled by the growing trend that is weekday breakfast?

A Nation’s Restaurant News article, which comes to me by way of Grub Street, explains it: Breakfast accounted for near 60 percent of the restaurant industry’s traffic growth over the past five years, according to a new report by Chicago-based NPD Group. If not for the increase in traffic during the morning daypart, restaurant visit declines over the past two years would have been steeper, researchers found.

It then goes on to say: Over the past five years, morning meal traffic was up about 2 percent per year, while lunch visits were flat and dinner traffic declined by 2 percent each year on average, the NPD report said.

You can read more from the article here.

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