Edgar Martinez Enters the Booze Biz

On June 22, the Mariners alum will sign bottles of El Zacatecano, his new line of mezcals.

By Jessica Voelker June 16, 2010

There has been a weird amount of sports-related stuff on Sauced recently, what with the World Cup and everything.

Now this: Erstwhile Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez has entered the booze biz with a line of Mezcals called El Zacatecano. There is a Blanco, Reposado, and an Añejo, all three are listed in Washington liquor stores. Unlike traditional Oaxacan mezcals, Martinez’s will not have a pickled worm at the bottom of the bottle.

Yes, Edgar Martinez has a line of mezcals. Go with it. And if you like where it takes you, take yourself to the liquor store in SoDo (2960 4th Ave S) on Tuesday, June 22 when the one-time baseball star will be signing bottles from 4 to 6pm. (He’s also scheduled to make appearances at SafeCo field, more on that here.)

Mezcal, by the way, is a traditional Mexican spirit made from agave, like tequila. Tequila and mezcal are different in two important ways:

1. Prior to distillation, agave used to make tequila is steam-cooked until the starch turns into sugar. The plant base for mezcal, however, is cooked over charcoal. As a result, mezcal has a smoky flavor you won’t find with tequila.

2. Tequila can only be made from one species of agave and has to be made in the state of Jalisco. Mezcal is from Oaxaca and it can be made from various types of agave.

Edgar Martinez is from Puerto Rico.

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