Summer in Seattle

A Few New Alfresco Dining Options

Cafe Flora and Betty are adding outdoor seating.

By Christopher Werner May 26, 2010

Hurry up and get here, summer.

Have faith, friends, one of these days summer will decide to grace us with its presence. When it does, you’ll find me on some restaurant patio swigging Allagash, slurping oysters, and soaking up that blazing ball of prozac we call the sun.

I haven’t yet decided which patio I’ll choose to mark the occasion—there really are a lot to consider —and at the rate we’re going, the list will only get longer (to clarify: not a bad thing). In the past two days alone I’ve learned of plans to inaugurate new outdoors spaces at Queen Anne crowner Betty and veghead hang Café Flora.

Those familiar with Flora likely know about the herb garden in back. Starting in early June the area will also seat four tables during the weekday happy hour (3pm-6pm). No word yet on when Betty’s deck opens, so check back for updates. And don’t forget Volunteer Park Cafe is soon to unveil a spankin new outdoor area, probably toward the end of June.

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