Holiday Boozing

Brunch Not Your Mom’s Cup of Tea? How about cocktails?

For a certain sort of modern mom, booze trumps eggs benny any day. But most especially Mother’s Day.

May 4, 2010

Psst, new dads. Over here. If I’m not mistaken, from now until that baby is about 20, you’re in charge of figuring out the whole Mother appreciation thing. When was the last time your lady went out for cocktails, right? You may want to arrange a babysitter on May 9. No, you definitely want to arrange a babysitter on May 9. Because heed my words, a new mom who feels under-appreciated on Mother’s Day is not a pretty picture, not a pretty picture at all.

Not all mothers are the brunching type. My own mom, for instance, hasn’t had a carb since Reagan was elected. I think French toast is a prominent plot feature in her nightmares. What’s she going to do at brunch, file her nails? But happy hour? Yeah, that’s more like it. Downtown bar Sazerac is on it, offering a special happy hour from 5 to 9pm with small plates and specialty cocktails. There are five seafood options with creatures from Taylor Shellfish Farms, plus pizzas and a special cheese menu. If I was taking my mom out, oysters would most definitely be on the menu—they’re $2 a piece at Sazerac’s M-Day HH.

If your mama is the brunching type, our restaurant critic Kathryn Robinson has a lusty list of picks for you on Nosh Pit, and you can peruse a lengthy list of M-Day brunches around town here.

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