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Seattle’s Best Restaurant Recipes: Imperial rolls from Monsoon

Recreate Eric Banh’s iconic appetizer at home.

By Jessica Voelker May 25, 2010

Monsoon’s imperial rolls
Photo: Jess Thomson

If you’ve had imperial rolls at Monsoon then you know. Know how it all starts with the crispy skin, which encapsulates a flavor-forward stuffing of pork shoulder, shrimp, taro root, and carrot. Mmmm, remember? Now imagine making these deep-fried groaners for guests at you next cocktail party. And now imagine how they will hoist you upon their shoulders and pledge eternal worship to you, their new cocktail party god.

Jess Thomson got chef Eric Banh to tell her his secret ingredient (hint: the leftovers of that ingredient will pair perfectly with the dish itself). He also showed her how to make them, then she adapted the recipe for you. Check it out.

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