Captain Blacks and the Mystery of the Homemade Spirits

Solved with a phone call.

May 21, 2010

Was just reading a post about distilleries on the CHS blog. Jseattle writes this:

“One player not on the state’s roster is Marcus Lalario’s Batch 206. Lalario, who operates Captain Blacks and the Hunter Gatherer Lounge and is an investor in Molly Moon’s Ice Cream among other Hill business ventures, has talked about operating a micro-distillery but apparently has not yet notified the state Liquor Control Board.”

That reminded of something my coworker Chris Werner had told me, which was that he had recently noticed that Captain Blacks was advertising homemade vodka and gin at the bar. I confess I didn’t believe him, thinking Captain Blacks must just be infusing. (Bootlegging booze and then announcing that fact at your bar would be most unwise, went my logic.)

So I called him and asked what was up. Lalario says that Batch 206’s gin and vodka is being distilled by The House Spirits distillery in Portland—makers of Aviation Gin—using Lalario’s own recipe. So in essence, Lalario has to buy his own spirits back from the state in order to serve them at his bars.

Lalario says he and his partners are actively searching for a location to open a distillery for Batch 206—distillers need to have a space and all the required equipment before they can obtain a license.

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