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Drink of the Week: Sangria at La Casa Azul

Sangria near Shoreline? Here’s where to find it.

April 2, 2010

Isaac Jimemez at La Casa Azul

I know you were wondering, on this inky wet day, where you could get a good glass of sangria on Greenwood Avenue, right near Shoreline. Here’s where: La Casa Azul, named for the Mexico city museum and former home of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo did not look as much like Salma Hayek as you are imagining she did right now.

La Casa Azul restaurant is in a very ignorable-looking strip mall, making it what you might call a "neighborhood secret," worth your while because it cooks up really interesting and sometimes delicious Oaxacan dishes that are served in massive portions.

I recently interviewed the owners of Casa Azul for another story, but while we were talking one of them, Armando Rizo, poured me a little of his house-mixed sangria. It was excellent: sweet, but not cloying (you gotta use Cointreau or Grand Marnier to give the thing some gravitas) and the wine wasn’t too dominant. What’s with all the sangrias that are so aggressively winey? It never tastes like that in Spain. Sangria is a punch, the flavors should be balanced. Armando adds fresh fruit to his mix before serving it, it’s delicious. And the Casa Azul is really cute. You can look at depictions of Frida Kahlo’s internal organs while you feast on enchiladas bathed in mole colorado. What could be better than that?

La Casa Azul sangria is $6 a glass.

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