You may or may not know two things.

First, you may or may not know that The Hideout was originally planned as an installation piece, to run for five years only. But as we near the bar’s five-year anniversary, its owners have announced that the First Hill art bar will live on for the foreseeable future. (I like the whiskey drinks at Hideout. If you’re in the market for a good Manhattan, go see Kristen.)

Secondly, you may not know that The Hideout has been closed for the past three nights, in preparation for it anniversary party this Saturday. From a letter from Hideout founder (inventor? owner? author?) Greg Lundgren: “To celebrate these first five years and the dawn of a new chapter, we will be throwing one hell of an anniversary party this Saturday night (April 17). Come down and meet some of the new cast, share stories with some of the original crew, have a good time, play, and know that this is a stage where you are free to experiment, explore and take chances.”

So, do that. That the creatively charged yet refreshingly unassuming Hideout lurks in such a workaday pocket of Seattle—on Boren, right off Madison—is one of those little surprises that make us love this city. Or makes me love it anyway. Something to celebrate.

If you’d like to see the full text of the announcement, click here.

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