Healeo makes bold claims about its cheap drip.

I stopped drinking drip coffee outside my home. I’ve been burned, literally, too many times. Most mornings I make my own or get an americano, the espresso-machine’s answer to a morning cup of joe. Americanos vary in quality, but a bad americano is a lot better than a bad drip coffee.

You know what bad drip tastes like—watery and lost, or way too strong. Full-flavored bad coffee is just so awful; drinking scorched, metallic, gut-rotting death juice is so much worse than just staying tired. I’m not that addicted. And while we’re on the subject, it’s amazing to me that your average roadside diner, the kind of places where a plate of eggs and bacon costs $2.50, can turn out a more drinkable cup of drip than a lot of pricey coffee chains.

But when I saw a sandwich board outside of Healeo that boasted of its "amazing $1 coffee," well, I had to give it a go. Such a bold claim should not go untested.

I ordered a 12 ounce from the very sweet and peppy lady at the register and lo and behold my total came to $1.10 with tax. The coffee was smooth, a light-to-medium blend (Columbian, I’d wager) and the product of what must be a very clean coffee machine. Not bad at all. Was the drink she gave me as good as the deliciously murky americanos churned out by the many talented baristas of Capitol Hill? No. But it was as good as the drip I make at home. And it was $1. Plus it took like 10 seconds for her to press down on the canister and hand me my cup—I had forgotten about the inherent speediness of choosing drip, so expedient to those of us who are perpetually running late in the morning. I’ll admit it, I was amazed.

VERDICT: Healeo’s $1 drip coffee is, in fact, amazing.

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