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Kentucky Derby Parties Around Town

Saturday, May 1 is Bourbon Derby Day. Where will you celebrate?

April 20, 2010

Will Mission Impazible be the 2010 champion, or will Discreetly Mine cross the finish line first? Also, why do these horse always have such eerie-sounding names? Kentucky Derby Day is Saturday May 1, and you’ll be wanting to drink some mint juleps and watch some horses run on the TV.

The reason downtown cocktail lounge Vessel is a good location to do this is a straightforward one: Vessel makes unbelievably tasty juleps. (If you are doing DD at home this year, be sure to check out bar manager Jim Romdall’s julep-making tips). Doors open at 2pm on May 1, and coverage begins around 3pm—so be sure to get there early to snag a seat.

Another good choice: Tavern Law, a bar where patrons often wear funny hats anyway and where the bourbon drinks are also top notch. This party is sponsored by Maker’s Mark and begins at 3pm with drink specials until 7pm. There will be a contest for the best Derby Day outfit, so TD regulars, put away your flapper duds for the day and break out the big hats.

Bottleneck is also stepping up on May 1—doors open at 1pm, “post time” is 3pm. Here too you can take advantage of specially priced Maker’s Mark juleps and compete for best Derby Day outfit.

Finally, I don’t know that Liberty is having a May 1 party per se, but if you’re just in it for the whiskey, it’s another spot for awesome juleps and it has a new back bar. Go check it out.

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