A very Irish band of the sort you can see all day at Kell’s.

It being St Patrick’s Day, you can pretty much stumble into any Irish bar around town and expect a party. But the one to hit is Kell’s, which opens at 10am (20 minutes from now).

There is a $20 cover—admission buys you a free t-shirt and the chance to hear no fewer than eight Irish bands. The party spills into an outdoor tent and nearby Post, which shares owners with Kell’s. Please don’t forget to eat—the food at Kell’s is relatively tasty, and will help absorb all the beer.

In other news, I just called Tom Douglas Restaurants and was informed that there are still about 10 tickets left for the beer blast tonight at Palace Ballroom. So if you want to get on that, call this number right now: 206-448-2001.

Finally, was anyone curious where the great Shane MacGowan himself might be playing tonight, as bands the world over cover his songs? I was, but there is no show date posted on his Myspace page. I’ll bet you two green beers he is doing a gig at Bill Gates’s private St Patty’s party on Mercer Island. Or perhaps in Mexico, playing for Carlos Slim, that Mexican telecom tycoon who is now richer than Bill Gates.