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How Far Does $15 Get You at a French Restaurant?

At La Côte Crêperie, very far.

By Christopher Werner March 10, 2010

Crepes are delightful little things, aren’t they? So Euro, so subtly filling, so delicate.

There’s no shortage of food shops serving ’em in Seattle, and of these, La Côte Crêperie sure is a gem. Positioned on E Madison St, it’s a stone’s throw from Mad Valley’s other French staples, Rover’s and Voila! Bistrot. But unlike them, La Côte is cheap. And especially so after 5pm.

Here’s the deal: Order a glass of red or white wine, choose from the soup of the day or a salad, and pick any savory crepe off the menu. The bill? A bargain: $15.

The special runs Tuesday-Saturday until close, but several words to the wise. The crêperie stops serving at 5pm on Sundays, but ask for the $15 fixed menu before that and you’re likely to get it anyways. If you’re thinking of popping in late on other nights, call ahead. When it’s slow La Côte’s been known to close shop early. How Euro.

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