$4 Food Find

Cheap Date: Baguette

Seats or no seats, the new banh mi stand is worth a visit.

By Christopher Werner March 31, 2010

The chicken is sautéed in ginger.

Baguette doesn’t offer much in the way of atmosphere. Nestled under the sign of C.C. Attle’s, the just-opened banh mi bar operates behind rolled-up doors in the former BTG Coffee space. Cars whiz perilously close to the Madison Street sidewalk on which you’re waiting. There isn’t a place to sit.

That’s okay, you’re here for the sandwiches.

Slightly warmed, chewy baguettes like the In House Favorite bulge with three types of Vietnamese ham, barbecue pork, and spiced pork pate; or for the veggie crowd, vegetarian ham and chicken and mushroom pate. Let’s not forget the dressings: pickled daikon and carrots, jalapenos, a garlic pepper and soy sauces, cucumber, and cilantro.

All sandwiches—there are six on the menu—cost $4. Each one is made according to this bold claim: “Our BIG sandwiches have 2x the filling than most Vietnamese sandwiches—2 of theres [sic] or one of ours.” Those at Baguette Box, the Hill’s other noted banh spot, actually are a tad plumper, but points do go to Baguette for length, which rival that of a foot-long sub.

Right now Baguette is only open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm (or until supplies run out), but the owner is hoping to soon expand hours. There is also talk of serving lunch box sets.

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