Cheap Wine for Weeknights

Last Bottle Sale at 12th and Olive Wine Company

On March 2nd, get 15 percent off all last bottles all day long at the Capitol Hill wine boutique.

March 2, 2010

Steven Brown, owner of the excellent little Capitol Hill wine shop 12th and Olive, is taking 15 percent off all wines of which he only has one bottle left, all day long, and according to Brown there are a lot of last bottles from which to choose.

The store opens at 11am and closes at 9pm tonight—pretty good opportunity to try some new wines. If you’re not sure what you are into, don’t be shy about chatting up the owner. Brown is the sort of wine merchant who is always eager to hook people up with wines they love and knows enough about food to make sure you get a good pairing for dinner tonight.

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