What Are you Doing for Sunday Dinner?

If the answer is something depressing, break bread at one of these restaurants instead.

By Jessica Voelker February 5, 2010

This time of year, when the days are 10 minutes long and all your good leather shoes have water stains, the tendency is to imagine life somewhere other than Seattle.

But then our very community-oriented and creative restaurant people come up with something that makes you love living here again. Witness winter Sunday dinners at Joule and Oddfellows. The idea is to eat some down-home cooking with some friends and some friendly strangers and relax a little before going back to the trenches on Monday morning.

Now, the February 7 meal at Joule sold out in advance. Here’s what we are missing: pissaladiere, casoulet, and tarte tatin. Damn it. Call the restaurant to reserve future spots at Sunday dinners.

And fear not, there are still openings at Oddfellows, where this week you can chow down on a salad of chopped romaine with housemade ricotta and pancetta, maple and dijon glazed pork leg with collared greens and cranberry beans, and red velvet cake. It’s starts at 6:30pm, costs $35 and includes—uh-oh—all the wine you can drink. I’m told the food at the Sunday Suppers is very good. Call 206-325-0807 to reserve.

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