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Grilled Cheese All-Stars, Get Ready:

Seattle Cheese Festival’s annual contest is upon us. It’s time to show your city what you really learned in college.

By Jessica Voelker February 25, 2010

You garnered your skills while babysitting your little brother, who would only stop crying when he smelled the Land O’Lakes hit the pan. In college, you aroused the suspicion of your RAs…must have been all those tie dye-wearing long hairs lined up outside your door. But when campus security arrived, they found that the only fix you were supplying was the kind that came between two buttered slices of bread. Oh yeah, you are—always have been—a grilled cheese god(dess), in possession of melting powers unknown to mere mortals.

And here’s your chance to show the world all that you can do with a spatula and a skillet.

Of course, you’ll be competing against some of the city’s best chefs, so you may want to test your recipe before you send it off to the judges at the Seattle Cheese Festival. You have two months—submissions are due May 1, check the festival web site for details. (Don’t check today, it’s in need of an update.)

Every year judges pick one winner from a gooey mess of submissions—last year’s champion was a cheesewich that featured Walla Walla onions, three kinds of cheese, and one pint (per four sandwiches) of “good German beer.”

The 2010 Seattle Cheese Festival will be held May 15 and 16 at Pike Place Market. Events include cheese education seminars, chef demos, and cheesemaking presentations—the monsieurs from Maximilien will show you how to make raclette, De Laurenti staff will demo mozzarella and burrata, a cheese so creamy-delicious it’s downright unholy.

Get grilling.

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