Browsing through those many shelves of bottles yesterday, I had, not for the first time, this thought: Pike Street Beer and Wine is the happiest place on earth. I love it, I love it. Sometimes a type of beer just pops into my head: “maibock” or “oatmeal stout.” Then I go to Pike Street and I can get a single bottle from some amazing brewery in Germany of the UK or the Czech Republic or Delaware. It’s just a little bit of beer-loving paradise up in there.

So there I was having this thought when I noticed a sign on the counter: moving sale. Ten percent off everything storewide. Woah, and woah. It turns out that the store is moving just next door to itself, which was a relief. The 10 percent savings will go through Monday, March 1. On the 2nd, the store will close for a few days to move, then reopen in the second week of March. In the meantime—discounted beer! Lots and lots of it.

The wine selection is also quite nice. Have you tried the Estate Syrah from Cougar Crest yet? It’s pretty wonderful, and Pike Street stocks it.

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