At Pike Street Fish Fry

Free Fries This Friday!

An Ash Wednesday message about a really good Friday

By Kathryn Robinson February 17, 2010

Fries are good. Fries fried in meat fat are better.

Every third Friday is always a big deal at Pike Street Fish Fry, as that’s the day those fine fryers dispense free fries from 5pm to 7pm.

Yes, FREE. Like happy hour, for your arteries. Only freer.

Put it on your calendar, folks. Because this month’s third Friday happens in two days.

And they’re pretty good, those PSFF fries. Seems like lately this town has rediscovered fried potatoes. You know about the flimsy, grease-soaked wonderments at Dick’s, or the creme-fraiche drizzled ones at 35th Street Bistro.

But did you know about the gloriously golden crispy fries, fluffy within, at Fremont’s famous Roxy’s Diner? Or, up a notch or two pretension-wise, the truffle-oiled lovelies at Ventana, the newish small-plate joint from the Twist people, in Belltown?

Notable both. Now tell us where you get your fry on, won’t you?

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