SAM Remix begins at 8pm tonight—a full three hours after the universally recognized cocktail hour. What to do in the interim? Well here’s something: Epic Ales, the new SoDo "nanobrewery," opens up its tasting room from 3:30 to 8pm every Friday.

Brewer Cody Morris—he’s the one that taught me the nerdy word "nanobrewery," now I can’t stop using it—makes four different beers set to hit stores in early March, but you can taste them today inside his tasting room at 3201 First Ave S, Ste 104.

The Solar Transamplifier most resembles a Belgian witbier. "The major difference," according to the web site, "being a change from wheat and oats to rice, and also switching from coriander and bitter orange peal to ginger and chamomile." Terra-Saurus ale is made with shiitake mushrooms, and the Simple Ale is a hoppy and malty beer in the Northwest spirit. The fourth and final beer, the OTTO-Optimizer, is a porter brewed with Turkish coffee and designed to be sipped alongside dessert.

In fact, Morris says all four were created with food in mind. "For a wine person, restaurants are a great experience," he says. For a beer fan, not so much. He aims to change that by offering local restaurants "true culinary ales" to pair with their food. The brewer points out that such a distinction is important for setting your beers apart in the glutted field of craft brewing. When Morris was working to get legal with the state, he was told there were 17 other breweries seeking licenses. That’s a lot of beer.

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