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Silver Bells: A Cocktail that Cures the Common Cold

or helps keep it at bay, at least.

By Jessica Voelker January 19, 2010


Tim Ticehurst, the owner of Georgetown-based Pulp Catering, was the official smoothiemaker at the fancy nuptials of Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard. He has a degree in homeopathy and knows all kinds of crazy stuff about the human body and plants and stuff, and has fashioned a homeopathic hangover cure called Nux. The package looks like a vial of cocaine.

He also makes these incredible cocktails combining fruit, spirits, and—in the case of the Silver Bells—an Emergen-C packet. There’s something so decadently Orange County about boozy health drinks—I’m not a vodka drinker, but I loved this one. It was refreshing and sweet yet tart, and the echinacea and ginger lent enough tongue-tingling complexity to keep things interesting.


Silver Bells
5oz R.K. Knudsen lemon, ginger, echinacea juice
1 tbsp elderberry syrup
1 package Emergen-C lemon lime
1oz vodka
Handful of ice

Mix first four ingredients and wait a few minutes to let the Emergen-C to settle. Shake with ice and pour into a large goblet or highball glass.


Ticehurst uses organic vodka, of course. His choice is Elemental vodka from Oregon. (The Northgate liquor store carries it, but is not always in stock. Call first, or substitute with whatever vodka have on hand.)

Elderberry Syrup
You can buy various kinds of elderberry syrup at PCC Markets. Another option is to make your own syrup. Local forager Langdon Cook has a helpful post about making elderberry syrup here, when they are out of season buy dried elderberries from the Herbalist.

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